Monday, 26 September 2011


CASA RASA SAYANG is an 11,000 sq ft and spacious villa on 1¼ acres of land. Only 1 ½ hours from Kuala Lumpur, 3 hours from Singapore, or 40 minutes from Historical Melaka, (See Map), it is an ideal setting for one who wants to chill out and relax, or have a group of family or friends get together.The villa faces the Straits of Melaka. As you walk out of the gate is the beach.  On low tide you could explore the two islands on each side of the lagoon.
CASA RASA SAYANG is surrounded with lush, cool conifer and palm trees. It is a fantastic getaway to relax and experience the sea. Listening to the soothing sound of the tide rushing in and out, or the whistling wind as it gushes through the villa on a windy day can be quite an astonishing experience.  

Watch the brilliant red sun setting on the horizon.  It announces the end of day and welcomes the evening meal and activities. You don’t have to travel far or get caught up in traffic jams. Casa Rasa Sayang has an open concept restaurant where you can be entertained by the Chefs preparing your favorite dishes.

What’s Unique about Casa Rasa Sayang?

CASA RASA SAYANG is very private with only 7 rooms – all elegantly furnished.  With only seven rooms, yet its double volume sitting area has a hotel-like spaciousness, over-looking a grand courtyard with a water feature and fishes. 

CASA RASA SAYANG has a hospitality and personality that makes you feel at home and at ease – minus having to cook, wash up and clean up because at Casa Rasa Sayang we have an open concept restaurant where you could watch your favorite meal being prepared by our young and talented chefs.

Take a look at our photos to give you an idea of the place and perhaps you might just find CASA RASA SAYANG just the place for you.

Planning on having a private function e.g.

·         A Family gathering suitable for family or friends who want to be together and catch up on the latest news.
·         Brainstorming sessions for 10 to 12 people in a casual and relaxed atmosphere
·         Health & Healthy Eating/Cooking Demonstration or Classes
·         Meditation classes
·         An Anniversary Celebration
·         An Engagement Party; or even
·         A private time to yourself to unwind, relax with your favorite book

Ssshhh….. It could also be a perfect hideaway for the rich & famous, and….. Not-so- famous.